Grace Dooley

Grace is currently working as an Ecologist at the Just Mammals Consultancy. She completed an MSc in Conservation and Ecology from Staffordshire University and holds European Protected Species licences for great crested newts in both Wales and England. Grace is also an assistant/accredited agent on various other species licences as she progresses her training towards more licences of her own.

She has 5 years experience of carrying out a variety of different ecological surveys which include bats, great crested newts, vegetation, freshwater and general habitat assessments.

At Just Mammals, Grace's expertise lies mainly in preliminary ecological appraisals/extended phase 1 habitat surveys and bat surveys. She is also our resident GIS-whiz, producing maps and plans for a variety of different purposes. In addition, Grace is familiar with the new BREEAM 2018 method.


Grace is an Associate member of the Chartered Institute of Ecology (ACIEEM).

Grace Dooley 2

Interesting Fact

Grace is one of the few people who are crazy about gulls! Her desk sports gull mugs (yes, that's plural!) and other gull-related paraphernalia!